Tracey has worked in the field of Natural Medicine since 1992

Tracey is a qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist.

She studied at the University of New England Armidale, the NSW School of Natural Medicine and the QLD Institute of Applied Sciences.

Prior to opening the health shop in the Palms Centre in 2006, Tracey began working as a Naturopath for Faulding Healthcare’s natural products range and assisting in regulatory affairs for naturopathic products.

Following that, Tracey worked for Bayer Healthcare’s Medical Diagnostics Division in a technical support role for 5 years. In that role, Tracey provided support & training for medical staff in hospitals on diagnostic instruments. She also provided training on Foetal Monitoring equipment in Delivery Suites.

The knowledge gained working with Pathologists was an invaluable tool in supporting her career in Natural Health.

Tracey has written articles on Natural Health for a number of publications.

Tracey says…“As much as I enjoyed working in the medical diagnostics field, I ultimately wanted to be involved in the Alternative Medicine field long term. When we moved our family out of Sydney back home to Coffs Harbour, opening a store gave me the chance.”

When she’s not working Tracey is usually outdoors enjoying the beach & Coffs Jetty, bike riding and yoga. Tracey also regularly works as a Racing Clerk, as she grew up in Armidale around the ponies.

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