Shellie is a qualified Naturopath with a degree in Health Science from the University of Western Sydney. She has also studied in other health fields Including Musculo-Skeletal Therapy and Kinesiology.

Her interest in the Natural Health industry began while working as a Database Manager for a Merchant Bank in Sydney. It was this fast moving lifestyle that prompted the change into something less stressful and more rewarding.

The most gratifying part of being a naturopath for Shellie is being able to educate others on how to live a healthier lifestyle and seeing the difference it can make to their lives.

Being married with children, Shellie understands the importance of living a healthy balanced lifestyle so tends to focus on the strength of herbal medicine as a preferred modality and a special interest in Super Foods.

Shellie’s goal in Natural Health has always been to help people and she has seen over and over again, the positive impact Natural Medicines can have on people’s lives.

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